What size are your tumblers?

Most of them are 20 oz adult, or 12 oz kid unless otherwise stated in description.

Can you customize?

Yes! If you would like anything customized, you can always email us at thesistercraftinfo@gmail.com

Are your teas caffinated? 

No, unless there is a specific blend that states there is caffeine,  they are all herbal, non caffinated.

How long does your tea last?

If stored properly, teas will last 2 years in a cool dry place, while tinctures last 1 year.

Are your cups dishwasher safe?

Unfortunately, we recommend not putting your cups in the dishwasher,  but lids and straws are safe!

Can you make personal tea blends?

Yes! If you have something specific in mind, or something with a certain ailment, I can make specific blends to try and help!

Are you herbs sourced ethically?

Yes! All of our herbs are gathered locally, or sourced ethically through one specific location. If they can't provide a specific herb ethically- we do not get to use that herb until they can.